Database settings

You now have to decide which database to use. See the Requirements section for information on which databases are supported. If you do not know your database settings, please contact your hosting company and ask for them. You will not be able to continue without them. You need:

  • The Database Type - the database you will be using (e.g. MySQL, SQL server, Oracle)

  • The Database server hostname or DSN - the address of the database server.

  • The Database server port - the port of the database server (most of the time this is not needed).

  • The Database name- the name of the database on the server.

  • The Database username and Database password - the login data to access the database.


PostgreSQL Users: Use localhost to connect to the local server via UNIX domain socket and to connect via TCP.

SQLite Users: Enter the full path (absolute) to your database file in the DSN field and leave the username and password fields blank. For security reasons, you should make sure that the database file is not stored in a location accessible from the web.

Figure 1.2. Database settings

Database settings

The database settings screen, please make sure to have all the required data available

You don't need to change the Prefix for tables in database setting, unless you plan on using multiple phpBB installations on one database. In this case you can use a different prefix for each installation to make it work.

After you have entered your details, you can continue by clicking the Proceed to next step button. Now, phpBB 3.0 will test and verify the data you entered.

If you see a "Could not connect to the database" error, this means that you didn't enter the database data correctly and it is not possible for phpBB to connect. Make sure that everything you entered is in order and try again. Again, if you are unsure about your database settings, please contact your host.


Remember that your database username and password are case sensitive. You must use the exact one you have set up or been given by your host

If you installed another version of phpBB before on the same database with the same prefix, phpBB will inform you and you just need to enter a different database prefix.

If you see the Successful Connection message, you can continue to the next step.