Setting forum permissions

To set the permissions for your new forum we need the local Forum Based Permissions. First you have to decide how you want to set the permissions. If you want to set them for a single group or user, you should use the Group or User Forum Permissions. They will allow you to select one group or user, and then select the forums you want to set the permissions for.

But for this Quick Start Guide we will concentrate on the Forum Permissions. Instead of selecting a user or group, you select the forums you want to change first. You can select them either by selecting the forums manually in the top list, or by single forum and single forum plus subforums respectively in the lower pull down menus. Submit will bring you to the next page.

Figure 1.7. Select Groups

Select Groups

Select Groups or Users to set Forum Permissions

The Forum Permissions page shows you two columns, one for users and one for groups to select (see Figure 1.7, “Select Groups”). The top lists on both columns labelled as Manage Users and Manage Groups show users and groups that already have permissions on at least one of your selected forums set. You can select them and change their permissions with the Edit Permissions button, or use Remove Permissions to remove them which leads to them not having permissions set, and therefore not being able to see the forum or have any access to it (unless they have access to it through another group). The bottom boxes allow you to add new users or groups, that do not currently have permissions set on at least one of your selected forums.

To add permissions for groups, select one or more groups either in the Add Groups list (this works similar with users, but if you want to add new users, you have to type them in manually in the Add Users text box or use the Find a member function). Add Permissions will take you to the permission interface. Each forum you selected is listed, with the groups or users to change the permissions for below them.

There are two ways to assign permissions: You can set them manually or use predefined Permission Roles for a simpler but less powerful way. You can switch between both approaches any time you want. You can skip the manual permission introduction and jump directly into the section on "Permissions Roles", if you are eager to get everything running as quickly as possible. But remember that permission roles do only offer a small bit of what the permission system has to offer and we believe that to be a good Olympus administrator, you have to fully grasp permissions.

Both ways only differ in the way you set them. They both share the same interface.