In order for the conversion to be smooth as possible, check and prepare these items. You will need them to perform a succesful conversion.

  • An installation of phpBB3 has to be present on your server. See Section 1.1, “Requirements” for more information on how to install phpBB3.

  • Prepare the connection details to the database where the old board was stored. If you are unsure, you can find these details in the config file.

  • Make sure the old forum is still installed on your server alongside the phpBB3 installations. The files of the old board should be kept as is, some of them will be transferred to phpBB3 (e.g. avatars, attachments, smilies or ranks).

  • The files and database need to be on the same server as the phpBB3 installation and the files need to be in the same domain. If you are using subdomains, the files need to be in the same subdomain.