Message rules

Private Messages can be filtered by creating rules that perform actions on the message based on its metadata. When a Private Message arrives, it can be automatically sorted into specific folders, deleted, or highlighted.


Private Message rules cannot be edited. If a rule needs to be changed, you will need to delete the current rule and make it again. Matchable fields

Messages can be filtered based on the following fields:

  • Subject - The subject of the message.

  • Sender - The username of the message sender.

  • Message - The content of the message.

  • Message status - Whether a message has been replied to or forwarded.

  • Sent to - Whether the message was sent directly to you or to a usergroup you are a member of. Matching conditions

Several conditions are available for filtering the fields. Not all of the conditions listed below are avaialbe for every field. The following is the full list of conditions available:

  • Is like - The field contains the supplied string.

  • Is not like - The field does not contain the supplied string.

  • Is - The field matches the supplied string exactly.

  • Is not - The field's content is not the same as the supplied string.

  • Begins with - The field begins with the supplied string.

  • Ends with - The field ends with the supplied string.

  • Is friend - If the sender is on your Friend list.

  • Is foe - If the sender is on your Foe list.

  • Is user - The sender's name matches the supplied string.

  • Is in usergroup - The sender belongs to the specified usergroup.

  • Answered - Whether the message has been replied to.

  • Forwarded - Whether the message has been forwarded.

  • To my default usergroup - Whether the message has been sent to your usergroup.

  • To me - Whether a message has been sent directly to you.

The following list shows which conditions are available for each field:


Is like, Is not like, Is, Is not, Begins with, Ends with


Is like, Is not like, Is, Is not, Begins with, Ends with, Is friend, Is foe, Is user, Is in usergroup


Is like, Is not like, Is, Is not

Message status

Answered, Forwarded

Sent To

To my default usergroup, To me Rule action

Once a message has been matched, an action can be perfromed on the message. The available actions are:

  • Place into folder -> X - Places the message into the specified folder.

  • Mark as read - The message is immediately marked as read. Notifications still inform you of a new message, but the message will already be marked as read when you view your Private Message list.

  • Mark message - The message is marked as important and highlighted in your Private Message list.

  • Delete message - The message is deleted instead of being shown. A message will be shown informing you that messages were received and deleted according to your message rules. Messages sent from board administrators and moderators will not be deleted.