The Memberlist - More Than Meets the Eye

phpBB3 introduces several new ways to search for users.

Figure 5.9. Sorting the memberlist

Sorting the memberlist

Choosing an option to sort the memberlist by.

Sort By Username

If you want to find all members whose usernames start with a certain letter, then you may select the letter from the list of letters shown at the top of the memberlist. For instance, clicking "A" will display all usernames beginning with the letter A, while clicking "B" will list all usernames beginning with B. Clicking the hash (#) will display a list of usernames that do not begin with one of the twenty-six letters: in other words, numbers and other characters.

Sort By Column Headers

Each of the column headings are also sort links. That means you can click Username, Rank, Posts, Website, Location, >Joined, or Last Active to sort by that group. Upon clicking this for the first time, the lists will be sorted in ascending order (meaning that usernames would be listed A to Z and joined date would be listed earliest to most recent.) If you want to order the list in descending order, wait until the page has loaded in ascending order and click the column heading you wish to order by for a second time.

Sort By Other Options

You may also sort the memberlist by using the dropdown boxes on the bottom of the page.

Find a Member Search Tool

You can narrow down your search results using the Find a member search function. This feature allows you to find members by their username, ICQ number, AIM, YIM, MSN Messenger/Windows Live Messenger address, join date, last active date, number of posts, IP address, and usergroup membership(s). All dates should be entered in the format YYYY-MM-DD (such as 2004-02-28 to represent February 28, 2004). The asterix (*) can be used as a wildcard for partial matches, such as entering "Ar*" into the username field to find all usernames beginning with Ar. Press the Submit button to begin the search, or the Reset button if you wish to clear all fields and start the search again.


The availability of the sort method selection boxes varies by style.