Manage extensions

You can further configure your board's attachments settings by controlling what file extensions attached files can have to be uploaded. It is recommended that you do not allow scripting file extensions (such as php, php3, php4, phtml, pl, cgi, py, rb, asp, aspx, and so forth) for security reasons. You can find this page by clicking Manage extensions once you're in the ACP.

To add an allowed file extension, find the Add Extension form on the page. In the field labeled Extension, type in the file extension. Do not include the period before the file extension. Then, select the extension group that this new file extension should be added to via the Extension group selection menu. Then, click Submit.

You can also view your board's current allowed file extensions. On the page, you should see a table listing all of the allowed file extensions. To change the group that an extension belongs to, select a new extension group from the selection menu located in the extension's row. To delete an extension, check the checkbox in the Delete column. When you're done managing your board's current file extensions, click Submit at the bottom of the page.