Group attributes

A list of attributes a group can have:

Group name

The name of your group.

Group description

The description of the group that will be displayed on the group overview list.

Display group in legend:

This will enable the display of the name of the group in the legend of the "Who is Online" list. Note, that this will only make sense if you specified a colour for the group.

Group able to receive private messages

This will allow the sending of Private Messages to this group. Please note, that it can be dangerous to allow this for Registered Users, for instance. There is no permission to deny the sending to groups, so anyone who is able to send Private Messages will be able to send a message to this group!

Group private message limit per folder

This setting overrides the per-user folder message limit. A value of "0" means the user default limit will be used. See the section on user preferences for more information about private message settings.

Group colour

The name of members that have this group as their default group (see Section 3.6.3, “Default groups”) will be displayed in this colour on all forum pages. If you enable Display group in legend, an legend entry with the same colour will appear below the "Who is Online" listing.

Group rank

A member that has this group as the default group (see Section 3.6.3, “Default groups”) will have this rank below his username. Note, that you can change the rank of this member to a different one that overrides the group setting. See the section on ranks for more information.

Group avatar

A member that has this group as the default group (see Section 3.6.3, “Default groups”) will use this avatar. Note that a member can change his avatar to a different one if he has the permission to do so. For more information on avatar settings, see the userguide section on avatars.