Quick Answers

By default, new forums have no permissions assigned. You have to assign forum permissions, or copy them from another forum before anyone can see them.

I have Full Administrator permissions. Why can I not see my new forums?

Administrator Permissions have nothing to do with Forum Permissions. You have to assign Forum Permissions for yourself or your user group before you can see or post in a forum.

I have added permissions to my new forums, but I still cannot see them.

You also have to add permissions to your forums’ parent categories.

I have added a new category, with proper permissions, but I cannot see it.

Categories will not show unless there are viewable forums under them.

How can I allow my moderators to create Sticky or Announcement Topics?

Sticky and Announcement permissions are in Forum Permissions. Assigning a Full Access forum role will allow them to make Stickies and Announcements.

I set a sub-forum to copy permissions from its parent forum, but when I changed the permissions for the parent, the sub-forum did not change.

Copy permissions is an action, not a setting. When you select to Copy permissions it copies the permissions when you click Submit. It will not copy any future changes unless you select to copy them again in Manage Forums, Edit.

I created a private forum with a special group that has permissions to see the forum. Now, even members of that group cannot see that forum.

You probably set Never permissions for the Registered Users group. Since members of your special group are also members of Registered Users, that Never permission is overriding the Yes permission assigned by the new user group. You should be deleting the Registered Users group from that forum’s Forum Permissions list, rather than assigning Never permissions.