Permissions Quick Start

The following permissions can be set to help start a new forum. Global Administrator Permissions

  • By default the Administrators user group has the Standard Admin role. This will prevent anyone but the Founder from assigning any other Administrators, editing Roles, and installing any language packs, styles or modules into your forum.

  • By default the Standard Admin Role cannot use other’s permissions. This makes maintaining permissions more difficult, so I would recommend editing the Standard Admin Admin role and adding the permission Can use others permissions. Global Moderator Permissions

  • By default the Global Moderators user group has the Standard Moderator role. This allows them to moderate any forum they can see, but does not allow them to change a post's author or ban users.

  • Add the Standard Moderator or Full Moderator Role to the Administrators user group. This will allow your Administrators to moderate any forum, without having to add them to the Global Moderators user group. Global User Permissions

  • Administrators and Global Moderators user groups start with All Features User role, which is fine.

  • Registered Users start with Standard Features User role, which gives them most normal user rights, but does not allow them to change their username or default user group and a few other things.

  • Standard Features User role allows users to hide their online status. You may want to edit this Standard Features role and set this permission to No.

  • Guests start with custom Global User permissions that only allow downloading and searching. Forum Moderator Permissions

  • Administrators and Global Moderators would have Global Moderator permissions, so it is unnecessary to assign them as Forum Moderators.

  • If you will have junior moderators who will moderate individual forums, add those users to those forums’ moderator lists, or create moderator user groups for those moderators and add the user groups here. Assign the users or user groups appropriate Moderator Roles. User Forum Permissions

  • For most forums, give your Administrators and Global Moderators user groups the Full Access Forum Role. This will allow them to make Stickies and Announcements.

  • Give your Registered Users user group the Standard Access Forum Role for any forums except your admin/mods only forums or other hidden forums.

  • Give Read Only Access Forum Role to the Guests user group for forums you want un-registered guests to be able to read.

  • Add the Bot Access Forum Role for the Bots user group for the same forums you want guests to read, so webcrawler searchbots can index those forums.

  • The No Access Forum Role would be more useful with Never permissions than its current Nos. Edit the No Access Forum Role and change Can see forum and Can read forum from No to Never. This will allow you to use this role to block access to a forum for a small group.