Word censoring

On some forums, a certain level of appropriate, profanity-free speech is required. Like phpBB2, phpBB3 continues to offer word censoring. Words that match the patterns set in the Word censoring panel will automatically be censored with text that you, the admin, specify. To manage your board's word censoring, click Word censoring.

To add a new word censor, click Add new word. There are two fields: Word and Replacement. Type in the word that you want automatically censored in the Word text field. (Note that you can use wildcards (*).) Then, type in the text you want the censored word to be replaced with in the Replacement text field. Once you are done, click Submit to add the new censored word to your board.

To edit an existing word censor, locate the censored word's row. Click the "edit" icon located in that row, and proceed with changing the censored word's settings.