Forum moderation

When viewing any particular forum, clicking Moderator Control Panel will take you to the forum moderation area. Here, you are able to mass moderate topics within that forum via the dropdown box. The available actions are:

  • Delete: Deletes the selected topic(s).

  • Restore: Restores the selected soft-deleted topic(s).

  • Move: Moves the selected topic(s) to another forum of your preference.

  • Copy: Creates a duplicate of the selected topic(s) in another forum of your preference.

  • Lock: Locks the selected topic(s).

  • Unlock: Unlocks the selected topic(s).

  • Resync: Resynchronise the selected topic(s).

  • Change topic type: Change the topic type to either Global Announcement, Announcement, Sticky, or Regular Topic.

You can also mass-moderate posts within topics. This can be done by navigating through the MCP when viewing the forum, and clicking on the topic itself. Another way to accomplish this is to click the MCP link whilst viewing the particular topic you wish to moderate.

When moderating inside a topic, you can: rename the topic title, move the topic to a different forum, alter the topic icon, merge the topic with another topic, or define how many posts per page will be displayed (this will override the board setting).

From the selection menu, you may also: lock and unlock individual posts, delete the selected post(s), merge the selected post(s), or split or split from the selected post(s).

The Post Details link next to posts also entitle you to alter other settings. As well as viewing the poster’s IP address, profile and notes, and the ability to warn the poster, you also have the option to change the poster ID assigned to the post. You can also lock or delete the post from this page.


Depending on the specific permissions set to your user account, some of the aforementioned options and abilities may not be available to you.