The Moderator Control Panel (MCP)

Another new feature in phpBB3 is the Moderator Control Panel, where any moderator will feel at home. Similar to the Administration Control Panel, this area outlines any current moderator duties that need to be acted upon. After navigating to the MCP, the moderator will be greeted with any posts waiting for approval, any post reports and the five latest logged actions - performed by administrators, moderators, and users.

On the left side is a menu containing all the relevant areas within the MCP. This guide outlines each individual section and what kind of information they each contain:


This contains pre-approved posts, reported posts and the five latest logged actions.

Moderation queue

This area lists any topics or posts waiting for approval. It also lists topics and posts that have been soft-deleted.

Reported posts

A list of all open or closed reported posts.

User notes

This is an area for administrators or moderators to leave feedback on certain users.


The ability to warn a user, view current users with warnings and view the five latest warnings.

Moderator logs

This is an in-depth list of the five latest actions performed by administrators, moderators or users, as shown on the main page of the MCP.


The option to ban users by username, IP address or email address.