Board Settings

The first section of the ACP you will probably want to visit right after the installation is "Board Settings". Here you can first of all change the name (Site name) and description (Site description) of your board.

Figure 1.3. Board Settings

Board Settings

Here you can edit the Site name and Site description of your board.

This form also holds the options for changing things like the main site URL as well as the date format used to render dates/times (Date format).

There you can also select a new style (after having installed it) for your board and enforce it on all members ignoring whatever style they've selected in their "User Control Panel". The style will also be used for all forums where you haven't specified a different one. For details on where to get new styles and how to install them, please visit the styles home page at

If you want to use your board for a non-English community, this form also lets you change the default language (Default Language) (which can be overridden by each user in their UCPs). By default, phpBB3 only ships with the English language pack. So, before using this field, you will have to download the language pack for the language you want to use and install it. For details, please read Language packs .