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Changing your board logo

Description: How to change the logo in the header of your phpBB3 board.

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• Getting Started
• Uploading Your Logo
• Configuring Your Logo
• Refreshing Your Imageset
• Getting Finished

Getting Started
This article explains how to upload a new logo to your phpBB3 board.

If you have not uploaded files before, or do not know how to use "FTP", please consult this guide before attempting to go any further.

Uploading Your Logo
First off, you need to find yourself a logo (or even create your own).

Next, using your FTP client, you need to upload it to: phpBB3/styles/prosilver/imageset/

You have successfully uploaded your logo.

Configuring your logo
Open the file phpBB3/styles/prosilver/imageset/imageset.cfg in a text editor and find:
imageset.cfg wrote:img_site_logo = site_logo.gif*52*139
Legend: file name, height, width

Edit the file name, height, and width to match your new logo. Then re-upload imageset.cfg to your server using your FTP client.

* Note: the above step can also be completed through the ACP > Styles tab, then by going to 'Imagesets' and clicking 'Edit' next to the applicable style. Select 'site_logo.gif' from the dropdown box and enter the dimensions there. *

Refreshing Your Imageset
Since you already have an existing logo, we now need to refresh your style's imageset in order for phpBB to recognise the new settings.

Login to your board and navigate to the Administration Control Panel (ACP).
From here, click on the Styles tab. Select "Imagesets" in the side menu and then click 'Refresh' next to the imageset you're using. Confirm this action.

Your logo should now be displaying in the forums. If it's not, try refreshing your browser.

Getting Finished
You should be all done now.

If the logo is not displaying properly, try following the steps again and refreshing your imageset. Double check that you've made changes to the style you're using & not a different one.

For further help, create a topic in the [3.0.x] Styles Support & Discussion forum.