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Executing SQL Queries in phpMyAdmin

Description: Get the steps to executing SQL queries for MODs in phpMyAdmin

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[url=]Knowledge Base - Executing SQL Queries in phpMyAdmin[/url]

This KB article is a quick 'how to', for a more detailed set of instructions see this topic ... 6&t=588696

1. Go into phpMyAdmin in your web browser and enter your login and password : you should see a screen like this :

2. Now, find your database on the left part of the screen :

3. You should see something like this :
Top of the screen :

4. Look for the SQL tab and click it. Once you are on this page, copy/paste the SQL query to run into the box. Make sure that the table prefix in the query matches the table prefix shown in the left window. The default isphpbb_, but if the query uses the prefix phpbb_ and yours is different, edit all the instances of the table prefix in the query to match your table prefix:

5. Click on "Go" (or Execute) :

6. Now, you should see a page like this :

7. If you get a message error, like this :

Just read the error message and correct the sql query and try it again.

If all has gone well you have then successfully executed a SQL query using phpMyAdmin.

EDIT by stevemaury 1371130692 UTC to add instructions re non-default table prefixes.