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Description: How to connect to your website via FTP and transfer files.

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Table of Contents
  • Purpose
  • Some information
  • Why you need FTP
  • Logging In
  • Some FTP Programs
FTP programs are the best when your host limits you to certain things. This article will explain to you why you need and ftp program.

Some information
You may not know it, but you most likely use FTP (File Transfer Protocol), all the time when you transfer data to your hosting company. Either by uploading files, creating folders and files, or even when editing them. FTP is a very useful tool when you need it. And of course there are some boundaries. For example you may not be able to transfer files that are not allowed by your host.

Why you need FTP
Some hosts will make you upload all the files from phpBB one at a time, or if you're lucky, about 15. What a mission! Sometimes, you may even miss files. There are some hosts that offer scripts thats you can install right off the bat, but they are all usually out-dated. Even though it is easy to upgrade, FTP makes it easier. And what if you're moving your board to another server? It takes a while to do so, but not with FTP. :D

Many of you may be smart, and think that you can just upload the zip, and that i can unzip it directly from my control panel (if the option is available, like in cPanel) or decompress it using a php class that will do it easily, but some hosts do not allow compressed files. Depending on the host, you will most likely feel at ease with an FTP system. You will be free to do almost all you want. Just download the program, and its as easy a 1-2-3.

Logging In
Of course, to use FTP, you need to login to your server. If you do not know what information you need to connect to your FTP server, then ask your host. All you need is the following:
  • Server adress -> location of FTP server (usually your website address)
  • Username -> Username used to login
  • Password -> Password used to login
Some FTP Programs
  • FireFTP - A Firefox extension that creates a built in interface.
  • CrossFTP - A multi-tabulated FTP program with some new features.
  • AceFTP - Another excellent FTP freeware client.
  • CuteFTP - Not free, but you may get a free trial.
  • SmartFTP - A very popular program with many features.
  • WinSCP - Another popular open source FTP client.
  • cURL - A command line tool for transferring files. For command-line lovers.
  • More
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