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Remove 'View Topic' and 'View Forum' From Titles

Description: This article describes the process required to remove "View Topic" and "View Forum" from your board titles.

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For various reasons, you may decide you want to remove the words "View Topic" and "View Forum" from your board's titles. Regardless of the reason, it's a rather simple process -- two edits total.

First, open viewforum.php and find the following:

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page_header($user->lang['VIEW_FORUM'] . ' - ' . $forum_data['forum_name'], true, $forum_id);

Replace this code with:

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page_header($forum_data['forum_name'], true, $forum_id);

Next, save viewforum.php, and open viewtopic.php. Find the following:

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page_header($user->lang['VIEW_TOPIC'] . ' - ' . $topic_data['topic_title'], true, $forum_id);

and change it to

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page_header($topic_data['topic_title'], true, $forum_id);

Finally, save viewtopic.php, and, for good measure, clear your board's cache using the "Purge Cache" button on the General tab (usually the homepage) of the ACP.

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