Polls allow users to use a topic to vote about an idea or issue. Polls can only be created in the first post of a topic. The ability to create and vote in polls is determined by the "Polls" set by the administrator.

  • Poll question - This is the idea or issue that is being voted on in the poll. This is required to start a poll.

  • Poll options - These are the allowed answers to the poll question. When entering a poll option, each should be placed on a separate line of the textbox. At least two poll options are required.

  • Options per user - This is the number of options each user may select when voting. When a user is allowed more than one option, a series of checkboxes replaces the radio buttons of the standard poll.

  • Run poll for - This is the number of days in which users can vote in the poll. Once the time has passed, no more votes can be made and the results will be displayed.

  • Allow revoting - If this is chosen, users will be able re-cast their votes.