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How to create a new phpBB3 style

Description: This article explains how to clone prosilver / subsilver2 to start developing a new style.

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This article explains how you can clone the subsilver2 style or prosilver style to your own new style.

Before we begin, you need to use a editor, like Notepad++ , since you need to edit files, for that read the article Tools needed to set up and customise phpBB to view more editor programs.

Now on to the explanation of how to clone the style.


prosilver is the default style of phpBB3, you can recognize it on the round corners, and the divs (<div>).

  1. First, you need to use an FTP client to log in into the FTP server of your domain.
    When you have done that, you need to go to the phpBB3 forum location and go to /styles/prosilver/
    So the directory tree of your ftp client it will be: phpBB3/styles/prosilver/ (replacing phpBB3 with your board's directory name).
    Download the prosilver directory to your computer.
  2. First a little note, this article uses the name for the new style as yourstyle, you can always rename it to the name you like, but don't use spaces in the name.
  3. Rename the prosilver directory to yourstyle
  4. Next, rename all the .cfg files that are located at:
    • /yourstyle/style.cfg
    • /yourstyle/imageset/imageset.cfg
    • /yourstyle/template/template.cfg
    • /yourstyle/theme/theme.cfg

    You need to find on those files:

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    name = prosilver
    = &copy; phpBB Group, 2007
    = 3.0.2

    and replace it with:

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    name = yourstyle
    = &copy; yourstyle copyright
    = yourstyle version

    So it must look like:

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    name = yourstyle
    = &copy; style author, 2008
    = 1.0.0

  5. After that, save all the files, and upload the yourstyle directory to your FTP client on the styles folder, where you downloaded the prosilver directory.
  6. After that you install the style.
  7. Now you have create your new phpBB3 style you can customise it, recolor it, change the header - everything you wish to do.


You can recognize subsilver2 by the tables (<table>) in the header.

  • Follow the steps above, but for subsilver2 instead of prosilver.
  • If you want to use template variables in the stylesheet (most people won't), open
    • /yourstyle/theme/theme.cfg
    and find the code:

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    parse_css_file = off

    and replace it with:

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    parse_css_file = on

That's all.
Happy styling of your own style :)