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Installing and Setting Up Your Own Web Server

Description: Read this article to see how to install your own personal web server for use with phpBB.

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This article explains how to set up a web server on your own computer (localhost), complete with PHP, MySQL, and phpMyAdmin. This article will be utilizing the XAMPP software. While XAMPP is available for multiple operating systems, the instructions shown below will be specifically for Windows based systems.

  • Your computer should be running Windows XP, Vista, or 7
  • If you have installed any previous web server or MySQL software, please uninstall or completely disable it before proceeding to ensure no conflicts arise
  • You will need to download the XAMPP installer from here. Download the latest version. You want the Basic Package, EXE (Self-extracting RAR archive).

After downloading XAMPP from the link provided above, run the installer. Confirm that you wish to run the installer if any security warning boxes pop up.

You will be presented with this window:


Select where you'd like to install XAMPP to. Usually, "C:\xampp" is adequate and recommended. Next, click Install to begin the installation.

XAMPP will begin extracting all the necessary files and begin the installation process. Depending on the speed of your computer, this may take a few moments. It usually takes around 5-10 minutes to install. After the installer finishes, you will be presented with this command prompt:


You will be taken through a series of Yes/No questions to finish the installation. Use the following answers for the questions (NOTE: Question wording may be slightly different). Use "y" and "n" to indicate "yes" and "no." Press enter after each selection.

Should Startmenu/Desktop Shortcuts be created: y
Should the XAMPP directory be moved: y
Should I make a portable XAMPP without drive letters? n

Press Enter to continue twice. You will now be taken to a menu with various selections. We want to "start XAMPP Control Panel" so press 1 and hit Enter. You will then be presented with this window:



Press the Start buttons next to "Apache" and "MySql." You do not need to start the others. "Running" should appear next to each of these options and the button should change to "Stop."

Next, we need to set up a new MySQL user and database for phpBB to use. Next to the "MySql" option, click Admin. Your default browser will open to a configuration page. This is phpMyAdmin and from here we will create a new database and MySQL user.

On the top menu, click the Privileges button.


Then, click Add a new User halfway down the page.


On this page, you will create a new user. Enter the database username you wish to use. For "Host," select the drop down and select "local."


Enter a password of your chose. Further down the page, next to Global privileges, select "Check All." At the very bottom, click the Go button. You should be presented with a confirmation screen that you successfully created a new user.

Next, click the Databases tab at the top.


At the bottom, under "Create new database," enter the name of the database you wish to use for phpBB. In the Collation drop down, select "utf8_bin." Click Create.


You should receive a confirmation that the database has been created. That's it! You've successfully configured your web server.

From here, browse your computer to C:\xampp\htdocs. Create a new directory named phpbb. Copy the phpBB files to this directory. Next, open your browser and enter the URL in your browser:

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to begin the installation. When asked for the database information, use the database name , username, and password we created in the steps above.

If you have any questions concerning XAMPP related issues, please consult the XAMPP Support Section. Unfortunately, we cannot support XAMPP issues here at If, however, you are having trouble with the installation of phpBB, be sure to post a topic in the Support Forum.

Have fun!