Final Steps

At the end of the installation, you can set the default language of your board, a title for your board, and a short description of it. In a vanilla (basic) phpBB 3.3 installation we only include English [GB]. You can download further languages from, and add them later.

After clicking Submit, a progress bar will appear and will be updated with the status of the board installation. Please be patient as this may take a few moments.

If the installation was successful, you can now use the ACP link to visit the Administration Control Panel. Congratulations, you have installed phpBB 3.3 successfully. But there is still a lot of work ahead!

If you are unable to get phpBB 3.3 installed even after reading this guide, please look at the support section to find out where you can ask for further assistance.

At this point if you are upgrading from phpBB 2.0 or phpBB 3.0, you should refer to the upgrade guide for further information. If not, you should remove the install directory from your server as you will only be able to access the Administration Control Panel whilst it is present.