Setting global permissions

Local Permissions are too local for you? Well, then phpBB3 has something to offer for you, too: Global Permissions:

  1. Users Permissions

  2. Groups Permissions

  3. Administrators

  4. Global Moderators

In "User Permissions" and "Group Permissions" you can allow and disallow features like attachments, signatures and avatars for specific users and user groups. Note that some of these settings only matter if the respective feature is enabled in the "Board Features" (see Section 1.3.2, “Board Features” for details).

Under "Administrators" you can give users or groups administrator privileges like the ability to manage forums or change user permissions. For details on these settings please read the Section 3.7, “Permissions”.

The "Global Moderators" form offers you the same settings as the forum specific form (described in Section 1.5.5, “Assign moderators to forums”) but applies to all forums on your board.