Supporting the phpBB organization

When visiting the ACP for the first time after installing phpBB, a screen will be presented which provides ways for you to assist the phpBB organization.

  • Send Statistics - Sends us information about your server, such as PHP version, selected database type, some PHP settings, etc... All sensitive information has been removed. Clicking the Show details link shows exactly what information will be sent. This information helps up make design decisions for future versions of phpBB.

  • VigLink - This option adds referral codes to certain links which are posted on your board by your users. When certain actions are taken on these links (such as purchasing an item from a posted Amazon link), VigLink receives a commission, of which a share is donated to the phpBB project. These funds will be used to further the development of phpBB. You can also choose to use your own VigLink account by clicking Convert account under VigLink settings in the Board Configuration section of the Administration Control Panel.

Both of these actions are optional and will not be enabled without your explicit consent. Clicking away from this page without pressing Submit will deactivate the options. If you wish to enable or disable these options at a later time, this can be done through the Help support phpBB page of the Administration Control Panel under Server Configuration.