Minor Updates Within 3.3.x

phpBB aims to be backwards compatible within minor releases, but if you are using extensions, language packs, or custom styles, you should check them for updates prior to updating phpBB.

There are several update paths available depending on the types of edits you have made to your board:

  1. Section 2.5.1, “Full Package”

    If you have made no modifications to core files, this is the easiest approach.

  2. Section 2.5.2, “Changed Files”

    If you wish to only update the files that have changed between two releases, use this approach.

  3. Section 2.5.3, “Automatic Update”

    If you have made modifications to core files and do not want to manually re-apply them, use this approach.

  4. Section 2.5.4, “Patch Files”

    For those comfortable using the patch utility, patch files are available.


If you have previously abandoned an update attempt to try a different method, you will need to remove the following files from the server:

  • store/install_config.php

  • store/io_lock.lock