How user permissions affect forum experience

phpBB3 uses permissions on a per-user or per-usergroup basis to allow or disallow users access to certain functions or features which software offers. These may include the ability to post in certain forums, having an avatar, or being able to communicate through private messages. All of the permissions can be set through the Administration Panel.

Permissions can also be set allowing appointed members to perform special tasks or have special abilities on the bulletin board. Permissions allow the Administrator to define which moderation functions and in which forums certain users or groups of users are allowed to use. This allows for appointed users to become moderators on the bulletin board. The administrator can also give users access to certain sections of the Administration panel, keeping important settings or functions restricted and safe from malicious acts. For example, a select group of moderators could be allowed to modify a user's avatar or signature if said avatar or signature is not allowed under a paticular forum's rules. Without these abilities set, the moderator would need to notify an administrator in order to have the user's profile changed.