Flash tutorials

You can find the flash tutorials for phpBB 3.0 below. To open a flash tutorial, simply click the thumbnail and you will be taken to the tutorial. Please note that these tutorials require the Adobe Flash Player to be installed on your system.

If you have any further questions after having watched these tutorials and consulting the online documentation, please feel free to post in our support forum to get help from other users.

  • Add a moderator
    Add a moderator
  • Manage attachments
    Manage attachments
  • Backup and restore
    Backup and restore
  • Add custom BBCodes
    Add custom BBCodes
  • Custom usergroups
    Custom usergroups
  • Custom profile fields
    Custom profile fields
  • Managing forums
    Managing forums
  • Mass email
    Mass email
  • Managing ranks
    Managing ranks
  • Report reasons
    Report reasons
  • User security
    User security
  • Word censor
    Word censor